rivamare model


Sottotitolo: cm 19x8x6

Editore: riva (ferretti group)

ISBN: LDM1657878877

Provided on request

Provided on request


Following the success of the metal model of the Aquarama, Riva asked Brooklin, the English masters of model making, to produce a modern vessel, the splendid Rivamare, extremely successful model and iconic yacht of the Shipyard. The result is a perfect 1:56 scale reproduction, it’s an eye-catching masterpiece made with great attention to detail.

You can admire many of the typical features of the yacht, such as the characteristic stern opening which can be transformed into a comfortable sunbathing area, the siren figurehead, the counter-rotating propellers of the stern drivers and the ever-present aquamarine waterline.

The metal Rivamare model, a testament to the uniqueness of the Riva legend, is a must-have for the collection of Riva enthusiasts.

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