carta nautica n. 724


Sottotitolo: anchorages in the seychelles group and outlying islands

Editore: united kingdom hydrographic office (ukho)


2 in stock (can be backordered)

2 in stock (can be backordered)


– A: Ile Desroches (Scala: 1:300.000)

– B: Ile aux Vaches (Scala: 1:35.000)

– C: Coetivy Island (Scala: 1:200.000)

– D: Providence and St. Pierre Is (Scala: 1:300.000)

– E: Bancs Africains (Scala: 1:75.000)

– F: Ile Denis (Scala: 1:50.000)

– G: Baie Curieuse (Scala: 1:25.000)

– H: Baie Ste. Anne to la Digue (Scala: 1:25.000)

– I: Grande Anse (Scala: 1:25.000)

– J: D’Arros and St. Joseph Is (Scala: 1:75.000)

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