nv atlas atlantic ATL2: vigo to gibraltar


Editore: nautische veroffentlichung (nv charts)

ISBN: 9783945902486

Provided on request

Provided on request


To travel from the Spanish Atlantic coast to Portugal, there is no way around the ATL2. Portugal has recently established itself more and more as a water sports destination, as the year-round winds are a good precondition for exciting trips. Even if the centers of yachting are more around Lisbon, there are enough marinas for stopovers in other cities, such as in Porto, Figueira da Foz or Aveiro. Attention: Note the tidal range, it is often between 3-4 m. As soon as you have reached the Algarve, it becomes more protected and you sway yourself in the protection of lagoons. From there it is not far to one of the busiest waterways in the world, the Strait of Gibraltar, to get to the Mediterranean.

Thanks to the clear structure the skipper can quickly find approaches, harbours and anchorages and is informed of important navigational details that also appear in the NV Charts app. The chart series impresses with its optimal scales and balanced sheet cuts.

  • 4 passage charts
  • 11 coastal charts
  • 39 details charts
  • Code for the app
  • Digital charts & navigation programme
  • Navigation instructions in English
  • Tide tables
  • Paper harbour plans & digital

Edition: 2022

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