Subtitle: beacons of the seas

Author: ross d.

Publisher: amber books

ISBN: 9781782746591

Provided on request

Provided on request


One day lighthouses stand watchfully over serene waters, the next they are bombarded with waves. They can look out on the world’s most spectacular views, adjoin a community or be placed in some of the most desolate locations. They witness the most extremes of weather, from heavenly sunsets to being encased in ice. To seafarers they are guiding lights in dangerous waters, but, once abandoned and rusting, they acquire a spooky air of mystery. “Lighthouses” celebrates 150 structures and the stunning vistas surrounding them. Taking examples from around the world, the book features lighthouses in all weathers (from storms to tranquil waters to those that have become ice palaces). From working lighthouses to eerie, long abandoned ones, from those in beautiful locations to those with a darker history, such as the lighthouse in Alcatraz Island, the book features in immense range of striking images. With 150 colour photographs and captions explaining the location, construction and story of each entry, “Lighthouses” is a fascinating visual exploration of some of the most remote and beautiful places on Earth.

Edition: 2018

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