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Subtitle: a practical guide for young sailors

Author: tommaso gabba – alessandra bachini

Publisher: kids on the sea

ISBN: 9788894576610

3 in stock (can be backordered)

3 in stock (can be backordered)


A small manual to become great sailors!

Games, experiments, boredom killers and pretty much everything you need to know about going to sea. Fun, colorful and easy to consult, very useful to have on board to explain to the little ones how boats work, why they float and what are the secrets of safe navigation.

A guide to turn and feed the passion for the sea and boats, to discover the wonders of the marine environment and to learn to read the signs of weather while looking at the sky. And then, again, many games and experiments to do on a boat with friends and parents: from the construction of a compass to the construction of a barometer, passing through the construction of a solar oven or a signaling mirror.

A book full of contents, which will appeal to both children and adults, with useful ideas and information for all age groups. It is only required to know how to read and have a great passion for the sea.

Età: 8+

Edizione: 2022

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