the bottlenose dolphin


Subtitle: biology and conservation

Author: aa.vv.

Publisher: university press of florida

ISBN: 9780813017754

1 in stock (can be backordered)

1 in stock (can be backordered)


“The Bottlenose Dolphin” presents for the first time a comprehensive colorfully illustrated and concise overview of a species that has fascinated humans for at least 3000 years. After reviewing historical myths and legends of the dolphin back to the ancient Greeks and discussing current human attitudes and interactions, the authors replace myths with facts (up-to-date scientific assessment of dolphin evolution, behavior, ecology, morphology, reproduction and genetics) while also tackling the difficult issues of dolphin conservation and management. Although comprehensive enough to be of great value to professionals, educators and students, the book is written in a manner that all dolphin lovers will enjoy. Randall Wells’ anecdotes interspersed throughout the work offer a first-hand view of dolphin encounters and researches based on three decades working with them. Color photographs and nearly 100 black and white illustrations, including many by National Geographic photographer Flip Nicklin, beautifully enhance the text. Readers of “The Bottlenose Dolphin” will better appreciate what dolphins truly are and do, as well as understand some of the controversies surrounding them. While raising compelling questions, the book provides a wealth of informations on a legendary species that is loved and admired by many people.

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