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european waterways


Subtitle: map and directory

Author: david edwards-may

Publisher: imray laurie, norie & wilson ltd

ISBN: 9781786792440

3 in stock (can be backordered)

3 in stock (can be backordered)


A map and directory designed as a first source of information when planning a trip on the waterways of Europe.


Side one: Europe from Ireland and Portugal to the Caspian Sea – 1210 x 870 mm – Scale 1:4.000.000

Side Two: enlargement with unprecedented detail, covering Dublin to Bratislava on the Danube scale 1:1.500.000. Includes a brief description of waterways in each country, followed by addresses of waterway authorities, boating associations etc.

The directory describes the waterway network country by country and provides a mass of information of value to all those who are interested in inland navigation as a mode of transport, but also, for a growing number of enthusiasts, a way of life. The two maps (front and back of the sheet) cover the same areas as the previous edition: from Ireland and Portugal to the Caspian Sea and, on the other side, a significantly enhanced map covering the denser part of the network, from Dublin to Bratislava on the Danube. The booklet accompanying the map includes many colour photos and larger-scale maps of particular areas.

The map has a legend in English, French, German and Dutch (booklet in English only).

Edition: 2021