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sailing yachts


Subtitle: the masters of elegance and style

Author: sibylle kramer

Publisher: braun publishing

ISBN: 9783037681657

Provided on request

Provided on request


Sailing is a philosophy of life that seems to bring out the best in human nature. Everything depends on the interplay of nature and man so that sailing yachts can glide powerfully through the waves. They fulfil the desire for freedom and adventure as well as luxury and relaxation.

This illustrated volume represents an exclusive selection of 40 sailing yachts showing the latest maritime trends, styles and visions. Designers and shipyards have devised fascinating new approaches to meet the challenges posed by the forces of wind and water as well as the demands for increased speed and style. Whether the refurbished classic that has sailed the seas for decades, the minimalist lightweight racer or the luxury 141-meter cruiser, every boat has her story to tell.

Edition: 2014