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the cellis from viareggio to venice


Author: piero maria gibellini

Publisher: edizioni piem

ISBN: 9788897800149

2 in stock (can be backordered)

2 in stock (can be backordered)


From the greetings by Piero Maria Gibellini: I thank Attorney Federico Serafini for making available the copious documentation of writings and photographs left by his grandfather Marco Celli. I also thank Antonio Collini and Henri-Jacques Pechdimaldjian for the material supplied. In particular, I want to thank Engineer Giorgio Celli […] for his invaluable collaboration for integrations, memories and historical verifications.

From the preface by Giorgio Celli: It’s a long story, it starts from far away in Tuscany […]. It is born from the sailing vessels that also reached London, where a schooner brig built by Fortunato Celli aroused such admiration that they wanted to test it and then buy in order to copy it.

And it ends in Venice, where Fortunato’s brother […] moved […] in the early 1900s […].

It is therefore with enthusiasm that I agreed to help the architect Piero Maria Gibellini […] reconstruct the history of my family.

Limited, numbered and signed edition.

Edition: 2024