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Author: kevin koenig

Publisher: assouline

ISBN: 9781649802873

2 in stock (can be backordered)

2 in stock (can be backordered)


For 150 years, Benetti has been turning dreams into reality through its unparalleled expertise in nautical construction. As a pioneer in the industry, Benetti has crafted over four hundred yachts, evolving from wooden sailing ships to state-of-the-art giga-yachts that epitomize innovation. This anniversary book celebrates iconic vessels like David Bowie’s El Caran, Adnan Khashoggi’s Nabila and the historic Delfino, considered the world’s first luxury yacht. From the 108-meter IJE to collaborations with renowned designers and a prestigious clientele including Zlatan Ibrahimović, every page showcases Benetti’s legacy. Authored by marine journalist Kevin Koenig, the book delves into the brand’s evolution, sustainability commitment and Italian craftsmanship. Overflowing with never-seen-before photographs and exclusive behind-the-scenes content, this edition is a heartfelt tribute to Benetti’s century-long dedication to creating maritime wonders. Explore the captivating stories and stunning designs that define the Benetti Group’s enduring impact on sailing enthusiasts and luxury aficionados alike.

Edition: 2024