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seashells of las perlas (panamanian pacific)


Subtitle: the malacological journeys of giuseppe giulio battaglia & silvana bertoli battaglia vol. 2 – photographic research of marine gastropods in the gulf of panama

Author: giuseppe giulio battaglia – silvana bertoli battaglia

Publisher: youcanprint

ISBN: 9791220320832

Provided on request

Provided on request


From the words of the authors: Continue the journey across seas and oceans in search of sea shells to photograph. After the photographic diary Seashells of Lanzarote, now it is the turn of the one on the Pearls Islands, a large group of Panamanian islands in the Pacific Ocean, of which only 90 are inhabited and another hundred do not even have a name. We only visited two of them: Contadora, which takes its name from the fact that El Contador, whose task was to measure and count the pearls collected by the locals, was based here and Viveros, an island much less inhabited than the previous one and covered by a dense impenetrable bush.

In Contadora we conducted our malacological research on four magnificent beaches, while in Viveros it was hampered by the difficulty of accessing the few beaches and by the presence of a thick layer of spherules that covered the sea, called La mala muerta. But we didn’t give up and this is the result! Our malacological journey certainly does not stop here: other photographic diaries will accompany you in the fantastic world of sea shells! 

Languages: English and Italian

Edition: 2021